Liz McGrath...

Liz McGrath ...grew up in very rural Montville, Connecticut, the fourth of six children (all 12-18 months apart!). Drawing and coloring became great ways to escape the chaos and find privacy. Liz graduated from Boston's Chamberlayne with an Associate of Arts degree. Liz, her husband Tim, and their two daughters, Caleigh and Maeve, live in New England where they continue to create various artworks.


Liz McGrath does not use computer assistance for her illustration techniques. She draws by freehand only, using markers for a base. She then applies colored pencil over this base for her remarkable detail and texture.


Ghouls Go Haunting One by OneThe Ghouls Come
Haunting One by One

Pelican Publishing
Author: Tom McDermott
Illustrator: Liz McGrath
Release date: Fall 2010

Even More/Todavia MasHer first publication, Even More/Todavía más is a bilingual children's book.